Help / Support

1. How do I place an order?

As soon as you have decided which article you would like to purchase, place that article into your shopping cart. Simply click the button “ADD TO SHOPPING CART”. All articles in your shopping cart are only made confirmed reservations after the completion of the ordering process.

2. How can I register at

In order to shop at it is necessary for you to register. If you are not a customer at yet, you can register here.

  • Please fill out all boxes marked with * truthfully. Concerning the password box, please come up with a secret password.
  • You will need your password and the email address which you have provided for future logins.
  • Please confirm the provided information by clicking the “Register” button.
  • You can check, change and complement your data anytime in your customer account. Of course we fully commit to the relevant privacy policy and we will not pass on your data to third parties.
  • In order to use all features at it is necessary that you log in to your customer account. Please do so by entering your email address and your password on the login page.
  • In case you forgot your password, the login page provides you with the function “I forgot my password”.
  • Click on the link provided to reset your password and to create a new password afterwards.
  • Please note that, depending on the provider, the email containing the reset information might take up to 10 minutes to reach you.

3. Which possibilities does the shopping cart offer?

In your shopping cart you can find an overview of the products you have chosen so far. It is possible for you here to easily and quickly check and/or change your products’ colors, sizes and number. In addition, the shopping cart informs you about the sum total of the chosen products and about the shipping costs. Click on “Checkout” in order to complete the ordering process.

4. What happens after I have placed my order?

Right after you have completed your order, you will receive a confirmation of your order via E-Mail. Click on “My orders” in your customer account to receive information about the status of your order.

5. Advance payment

If you are using the option of advance payment your order will be processed as soon as we have received the payment. Please be sure to provide your order number in the reference when transferring the payment. Depending on the financial institution, your payment can take between two to four workdays to reach us.

6. Payment via PayPal

Of course you can easily and safely pay for your order via PayPal at

7. Payment via Sofort Banking

Sofort Banking enables you to pay your order with your online banking data. Sofort Banking is a TÜV-certified procedure and has received the official TÜV-seal for transaction safety.
What do I need in order to use Sofort Banking?
You can only use Sofort Banking if you have an online banking account as it will be necessary to enter both your PIN and a TAN during the payment process.

8. Payment via credit card

In case of a payment via credit card you will be directed to Secupay-Feedback after the completion of your order. The day after we have received your payment, your order leaves our storehouse at the latest. Please note that shipping to packing station or PO boxes is not possible in this case. Your order will be shipped to the billing address you provided on the Secupay page. A subsequent changing of your address is not possible.

9. Administering your customer account

  • My overview
    In the overview of your customer account you can have a look at your latest orders and edit your customer account data.
  • My orders
    “My orders” provides you with a complete overview of your orders. Click on individual orders to receive more details on included articles, delivery address and payment information.
  • My customer data
    “My customer data” enables you to edit your customer name, your email address and your password. You can also provide your telephone number to facilitate communication between you and our customer service in case of difficult issues. After completing your changes, click on “Save” to confirm the new information.
  • My address book
    The address book allows you to administrate and edit your addresses and to add new addresses. In addition, you can set your standard addresses for billing and delivery which will save time during your ordering process. All changes must be confirmed by pressing the button “Save address”. Please note that all changes of address must take place before placing an order.
  • Newsletter
    If you are interested in regularly receiving information about the latest trends and offers at, please register for our newsletter by clicking on the respective button. Use the same button to unsubscribe from our newsletter and all commercial emails. In case of questions concerning your order or any of our products, please feel free to contact our service team at anytime.

10. Can I use the pictures?

Sure, it is no problem if you want to use the pictures of ordered and paid products.